Listen and engage with authenticity to truly understand the people-readiness of your organisation. 

Take your stakeholders and participants on a journey from acceptance of change to advocating it. 

Understand and define your 'capability' and training needs.

Develop the most appropriate Organisation Design to align and achieve Strategic and Transformation Objectives.





Develop a Work Break-down Structure to ensure critical tasks and activities are defined and documented

Develop and document a Process Taxonomy that ensures delivery of transformation objectives

Design E2E Processes to ensure accountibility and responsibility for delivery.

Thoroughly understand hand-offs and integration points with other work-streams to ensure collaboration; alignment on common goals and processes; and development of perfomance measures.  


Data & Content

Data & Content


Conduct an assessment to determine the ability of your current technology to meet your transformation requirements.

Develop an implementation roadmap that aligns with transformation strategy and capability and drives business value.

Understand user engagement and build an effective governance framework and end-user guidelines.

Data & Content

Data & Content

Data & Content


Determine data points required to effectively answer 4 key business questions (Consider data warehousing strategies to integrate): 

 1. How does the transformation show true business value?

2. How is financial performance monitored and measured?

3. What measures are required to demonstrate more efficient internal operations?

4. What measures are required to demonstrate the effectiveness of engagement tactics, organisation design and capability?

Determine record keeping and knowledge articles required to support transformation objectives.